21 May – 26 June, 2010
Private Preview 20 May, 7-10pm

Lovely British lasses traipsing nude through London’s Royal parks; two Parisian femmes meeting for the first time and making out; a wee Belgian girl stripping to her favorite song on a webcam, French, Italian and Spanish girls taking off their clothes and talking about their intimates. These are just some of the sights that shall meet your eyes when you watch VBS.TV’s latest behind-the-scenes documentary.

Launching on 25th May, Shot By Kern Europe follows the world-renowned photographer Richard Kern on a six-country European tour as he photographs young women in various states of undress. Shot By Kern is one of the most popular series on VBS.TV which attracts 4 million viewers globally per month. The ultimate outcome is a series that stealthily combines arousal and psychological examination in a heady mix that is not unlike a summer bouquet held aloft by a lovely unclothed milkmaid in a field of heather in the springtime. Freud is there, and he is naked too.

This month, we will be bringing the best works from the Shot By Kern series to Kenny Schachter Rove Gallery in London for a unique month long exhibition. The display will feature everything from an English Rose reenacting scenes from 70’s cult film Blowup, to Kern’s classic “Up-skirt” series, to half naked Spanish girls pretending to be homeless, to Dutch girls getting stoned with no clothes on – every fetish will be truly satisfied.

About Richard Kern:

Richard Kern started making punk rock movies in New York’s East Village back in the 1980s. His 16-mm documents of depravity, drugs and death starred such luminaries as Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch, and they defined the attitude and the look of art weirdoes in Manhattan when Manhattan was still sort of wild. Since the mid-90s, Kern has been the pre-eminent pornographer of girls that are “hip,” “alternative,” “countercultural”... you know, whatever the squares are calling it these days. Kern’s images have been widely published in Vice, Purple, V Magazine and Italian GQ as well as in his numerous books. He has exhibited his work at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and in more than 30 solo shows around the world.

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