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ZAHA HADIDHoxton Square Development


The formal concept for the design is a prism that mediates between interior and exterior influences. The form is based on the cutting away at the massing with wedges respecting the sunlight, daylight and rights of light requirements of the neighbouring properties and wedges generated by views between the interior of the building and exterior of the building. The shape of the building as well as the openings are defi ned by the relationship of the building to its neighbours and the relationship of the interior rooms to exterior sources of views and light.

The design also reintroduces the lower front area on Hoxton Square. This is an element already existing at the adjacent Grade II listed buildings and at the Vicarage. It is therefore resurrecting a historical element that had become largely absent from the Square.

The front area stretches for 15m with a footbridge connecting the public walkway to the ground fl oor entrance of the gallery. Public seating lines the voids thus activating the space as a public area as well as doubling as a balustrade. Formally, these seating elements are like extensions of the geometries of the building, thus tieing the building and public space together. The gallery can also open onto the front area thereby connecting the realm of the Square with the realm of the gallery.

* Click here to download the complete Design Statement in PDF format

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